iQ™ Analytics
We provide a unified, holistic approach
to advanced TV behavior measurement -
providing our clients with the proof they
need to quantify success in the new
TV landscape.

Bringing Digital-Style Measurement to the TV Landscape

Our custom TV-centric analytics tool measures viewer engagement on a granular ‘by click’ level to accurately track viewers’ engagement with TV content.

Centralize All Data Across All Platforms

Augment traditional TV metrics with detailed campaign insights – aggregating results from all platforms into one dashboard for easy-viewing and decision-making.

Unprecedented Insight Into Your Target Consumer’s Living Room Behavior

Get a detailed account on what Advanced TV engagement really means with custom research studies, including:

  • • Pre-/Post-exposure brand tracking/awareness studies
  • • Custom match-back studies to directly tie exposure to purchase
  • • Household-level addressable targeting

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